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1827 - Opening of a new café on the right side of the Danube River’s bank called Au Café
1857 - Roth became the owner of the building and than in 1871 the innkeeper František Pohl Roth became the new owner.
1890 - Anton Apfel introduces, except the cafeteria, also a restaurant in Au Café
1896 - Karl von Palugyay elevates Au Café to the level of a more luxurious restaurant
1919 - The new owner is Otto Kolln, who gives Au Café the refinement of the city
1927 - from 31.7.-18.8. there are spectacular celebrations. Au Café is 100 years old
1960 - The long-term decline of the building was completed by sanitation
2003 - On 12th September Au Café was reopened

Ancient and patina-scented garden restaurant Au Café was opened in 1827. They began with building a cafeteria in Sad Janka Kráľa called Sad. At first Au Café served as a coffee shop. In 1857 Mr. Roth became the owner of the building and in 1871 passed under the management of the innkeeper František Pohl. Thanks to Anton Apfel, Au Café became a café and also a restaurant in 1880.

Six years later, in 1886, the restaurant got a more luxurious level, all because Karl von Palugyay took care of it. He added glazed porches and terraces to the building. In 1907, Sad Janka Kráľa, including Au Café, was declared as a state protected park. When in 1919 the device changed the ownership again, Au Café achieved the refinement of the big city, only because of the new owner Otto Kolln. In 1927 Au Café celebrated 100-year anniversary and from July 31 till August 18, spectacular celebrations were held.

The Café lived in those golden years. The generation of our grandparents and parents enjoyed this place immensely. It was part of Sunday afternoon, getting on Proppeler, driving to the other side of the Danube River and ending the walk with dessert and a good coffee at the Au Café. They could dance, relax and talk to their friends there. The building fell into disrepair only in the middle of the 20 th century, when the clientele changed and the business became hospitality which was visited by fewer and fewer people. The “Café” was closed and lately completely demolished. Its long-term decline ended the sanitation in 1966.

The re-establishment of the famous Au Café was planned after 1989 when the regime changed. Although the foundations were built in the early 1990s, construction was costly due to lack of funds. When the Roman’s family bought the building at the beginning of the millennium, they let it be completed and the restaurant with the Au Café cafeteria was reopened on 12 September 2003.